Amazon settlement with EU antitrust regulators possible by year end

Settling the EU investigations means the company will avoid a fine of as much as 10% of its global turnover.Faced with charges of using its size, power and data to push its own products to gain an unfair advantage over rival merchants that also use its platform, Amazon in July offered to refrain from using sellers’ data for its own competing retail business and its private label products.คำ…

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Wienerschnitzel Offers Free Chili Dog With $1 Minimum Online Purchase On November 3, 2022

To take advantage of the offer, simply make any online purchase of $1 or more with promo code “SANDWICH” on Thursday. Don’t forget to add a Chili Dog to your order to seal the deal.

The brand’s Chili Dog features a hot dog in a fresh, steamed bun topped with Wienerschnitzel’s world famous Chili sauce made from a secr…

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