Only half of UK shops have reopened since easing of lockdown – LDC

The Local Data Company surveyed over 111,000 retail units across 164 towns and cities between 23 May and 1 July, and it found that many businesses that rely on office workers and tourists to trade have delayed their reopening plans.Some 74% of stores selling physical goods such as clothing, shoes and homewares had reopened at the time of the survey, compared with only 64% of food and entertainm…

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Nicole Kidman Was “Struggling” During 2003 Oscars Win After Finalizing Divorce From Tom Cruise

Nicole Kidman & Tom Cruise's Daughter Posts Rare Selfie

Nicole Kidman is looking back at a complicated time.

Though she reached a major career milestone in 2003 when she took home an Oscar for her role in The Hours, Nicole admits she was grappling with a difficult time in her personal life. Not long before her win, she and Tom Cruise fi…

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