Selling Sunset Season 6- Bre Tiesi Interview

Bre Tiesi wants to set the record straight about her new job. The newest cast member on Netflix’s hit reality TV series Selling Sunset and the latest realtor employed by the Oppenheim Group, Tiesi, best known for being the mother to one of Nick Cannon’s 12 children, says she takes her job in real estate seriously.

“Everyone has this misconception that I am who I’ve dated and that is a big reason why I was never outward with my child’s father,” she tells TIME. “I’m a business woman, I’m involved in every aspect, and I’m completely different than what you would assume.”

Tiesi appears throughout season 6 of Selling Sunset, which hits Netflix on May 19 and picks up on several threads explored in previous years, including storylines on Chrishell Stause’s new relationship and Mary Fitzgerald cracking under the pressures of work-life balance. Tiesi’s storyline covers her transition into her new position at the Los Angeles real estate brokerage. She boasts several real estate accomplishments on the show, and often refers to her billionaire clients.

Before joining Selling Sunset, Tiesi was a real estate agent at Keller Williams Beverly Hills. She was also a model, appeared on Nick Cannon’s MTV show Wild ‘N Out, and was married for a time to NFL player Johnny Manzie. She gave birth to her and Cannon’s first child, Legendary Love Cannon, in June 2022. Cannon has since had four more children.

Though she’s received and declined offers to appear on other reality TV shows, Tiesi agreed to go on Selling Sunset because it was “business-forward.” The 32-year-old Los Angeles native, who is quite selective about when and how she publicly addresses Cannon, did not expect her personal life to become a central storyline this season.

“It went a little left this season than what I anticipated,” she says.

Over various points in the sesaon, Tiesi is forced to acknowledge her situation with Cannon, often prompted by co-star Chelsea Lazkani, who brings it up several times while cameras are rolling. Lazkani said on the show that she “didn’t understand the situation” with Tiesi and Cannon and called their arrangement “unfair for the kids.” This caused a feud between the pair, with Tiesi asking Lazkani not to comment on her family. “Why is it necessary for you to voice an opinion on my family? I wouldn’t talk about your family,” she said on the show. “If you don’t accept him, then you don’t accept my kid, which now I’m really not going to f-ck with you if you go down that route.”

Tiesi says the questioning went “a little too far.” “It’s unfortunate that my personal life and choices with my child’s father and my child affects her so much,” she says. “Nothing we’re doing harms anyone. We’re very happy. My son is very happy. Everyone’s well taken care of.”

But Tiesi doesn’t expect further issues: “We are grown adults and we can easily coexist and work together and be mature in a situation.”

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Other tiffs that came up on the show are resolved more easily. Early in the season, Tiesi fights with co-star Emma Hernan, saying she had reached out to one of Tiesi’s billionaire clients. Hernan set the record straight, saying that she had not reached out for business, but that she was friends with the contact. In the show, Tiesi apologizes for jumping the gun, which Hernan says was “so big of her” to do. It’s been water under the bridge since, says Tiesi: “Emma and I are really good friends.”

When asked if Selling Sunset provides an accurate representation of her, Tiesi says the edits don’t show her “real life in its entirety.” But for viewers already anticipated season 7, she assures, “You’ll see a lot more of who I am.”

Selling Sunset Season 6- Bre Tiesi Interview

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